Getting there

After the compulsory Air Asia stopover in Kuala Lumpur,  its a 4 hour flight to Teipei.

Tight Arsed Tips

Again 7/11 is your friend with one located aver 500m, and transport is VIA MRT , use the vending machines at the various stations. To get around the whole island you need to use the TRA train system pricing and times here TRA Official Site. The Taiwan Railways Administration is an agency of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of Taiwan responsible for managing, maintaining, and running passenger and freight services on 1097 km of conventional railroad lines in Taiwan. Hence conventional rail services in Taiwan are known as TRA. This train can be caught from Taipei Main station look for the logo on the MRT map if you need to catch another train to get to TMS. Total cost to go right around the whole country stopping daily at your leisure is about $200 per person.


Best Ways to Get from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei City Centre

If you want to try this option, you can take the U-Bus, about 20 minutes ride to Taoyuan High-Speed Rail station, and board the train to the city. You can alight and transfer to the MRT at Banqiao or Taipei HSR Station. Price is at $7.50 for a standard seat.

The Airport MRT is currently the fastest way to reach Taipei city centre from the airport. It started operating just in 2017 and has made our lives so much easier. All you have to do is hop on the MRT from the airport terminal and it will bring you to Taipei Main Station in just 35 minutes!

Taipei City

Here we stayed at Go Sleep Hotel – Xining 3-star hotel  This is a Preferred Partner property. It’s committed to giving guests a positive experience with its excellent service and great value. This property might pay Booking.com a little more to be in this Program.Airport shuttle. Airport shuttle available at an additional charge.  9F, No. 36, Xining South Road, Wanhua District , 108 Taipei, Taiwan for about $50 a night.

Getting around use the MRT to see all the attractions the city has to offer, just get the rail map from any MRT station. The furthermost place we went to from Ximen station was Tamsui on the red line for about $2.50 each way and its takes about an hour.


Things to do in Taipei

Taipei has a few cool things to offer depending on your interests, everything is accessible via MRT. Taipei 101 , formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center – is a landmark super tall skyscraper in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan. The building was officially classified as the world’s tallest in 2004, and remained such until the completion of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010. In 2011, the building was awarded the LEED platinum certification, the highest award according to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, and became the tallest and largest green building in the world. At one point it had the fastest elevator in the world, travelling at 60.6 km/h (37.7 mph) and transporting passengers from the 5th to 89th floor in 37 seconds. its about $28 per person to travel to the top to the observatory from the Mall below.

Maokong Gondola and Taipei Zoo

The Maokong Gondola is a gondola lift transportation system in Taipei, Taiwan. Opened on 4 July 2007, the Maokong Gondola operates between Taipei Zoo and Maokong. The 4.3 km line has four stations. The facilities of the gondola were contracted to the French company Poma, and to get there catch the MRT to Taipei Zoo Station last stop on the brown line. Entrance fee is $12 for a return ticket.

There are 4 stops:

  • Taipei Zoo (動物園), outside the Taipei Zoo
  • Taipei Zoo South (動物園南), inside the Taipei Zoo
  • Zhinan Temple (指南宮)
  • Maokong (Sanxuan Temple) (貓空)


Tamsui is a district of New Taipei City, in north Taiwan. It sits at the confluence of the Taiwan Strait and the Tamsui River. Near the river, busy Tamsui Old Street is lined with shops, restaurants and vendors selling local specialties. Also here are the ornate Longshan Temple and centuries-old Fuyou Temple. Founded by the Spanish, the hilltop Fort San Domingo (Hongmao Castle) was revamped by the Dutch and British.



Two hours on the TRA train from Taipei Main station lies the beautiful Seaside town of Hualien. Hualien City is on the east coast of Taiwan. The central Pine Garden is a cultural center set inside a former Japanese military office. The Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum showcases contemporary and traditional stone carvings. Tzu Chi Cultural Park is a tranquil green space, with statues and a meditation hall. On the Pacific Ocean coast, sprawling Nanbin Park features a popular night market.To drive via Su-Hua Highway is the most beautiful coastal road in Taiwan and is the shortcut to get to Hualien from Taipei by car, as well. Although it is a scenic drive, there is a risk potential because of falling rocks, mudslides, and road constructions along the way. Moreover, it would take at least 3 and a half drive time from Taipei to Hualien city. From the TRA station walk across the main road to the left and find WOW Hostel Book Here. This hostel is excellent with taxis and 7/11 close by as well as activity booking in the reception area.

Another activity is a day long bus trip to Taroko Gorge for $50 per person, the only issue was the Chinese speaking tour guide spoke non stop for 7 hours giving me a splitting headache lol, note to self……bring ipod.



Kaohsiung is a massive port city in southern Taiwan. It’s home to many skyscrapers, such as the 248m-tall Tuntex Sky Tower, and is known for its diversity of parks. Its focal point is the Love River, with walking paths and cafes along its banks, and cruise boats navigating its waters. Shopping options range from high-end malls to the Liuhe and Ruifeng night markets. Catch the ferry to Cihou Fort from Singuang Riverside park.


Taichung is an industrial city on the western side of central Taiwan. It’s a gateway for exploring the island’s mountainous interior, including nature areas like Sun Moon Lake, popular for boating and hiking. In the bustling city centre are museums, temples and the ornate brick Taichung Station, a legacy of the Japanese colonial period (1895–1945). Here you can buy a 1m diameter Thai green Chicken Curry pizza for $11.

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