Tight Arsed Travel Equipment

Tight Arsed Travel Equipment

This is a list of travel equipment i take with me all over the world, that part is not Tight Arsed, I believe in top quality high end gear.

Bring some basic pharmacy items, not condoms but things like cold sore cream, panadol, plus any medications you need. Last time i was in the Philippines i could not get any cold sore cream, the good old “Sir We Have No Stock” line annoyed me no end.

Buy high quality/capacity memory cards for cameras and cellphones, they can hold a months worth of memories 36 Gb minimum.

While on the subject of mobile phones, don’t waste your time with these amazing travel sim cards that work in 100 countries and the moon, just buy a sim card in every country. From my experience many people who bought these multi country sims ended up buying a local one anyway. The other advantage of a local sim is the generous data allowance, that way you don’t need to hire a GPS, you just use google maps on your cellphone. Make sure you buy a phone mount for the car, i use the suction cup ones that attach to the windscreen.

Things most people forget

A multi USB charger and power adaptor for your destination, i recommend using the Anker PowerPort Speed 5-Port / 63W USB Charger with Dual QC 3.0 (AU Version), it can charge 5 devices at once with two high current ports for Ipads and three for micro USB devices like digital cameras and cellphones. Buy it here for $80.00.

Universal Travel Adapter, Cre-Heaven Travel Power Adaptor Worldwide, All in One Travel Charger with 3 USB & 1 Type-C 3.4A, International Power Adapter for US, UK, EU, AU, Over 200 Countries, get it HERE



Pack for the destination climate, no good bringing a fur coat to Thailand where its 35 degrees every day, just bring a stubby cooler, thongs and a singlet. Its actually possible to live a month in Asia out of a suitcase you can put in the overhead locker in the aircraft main cabin. That way there’s no waiting impatiently at the carousel where your suitcase seems to be the last one out every time.

Buy a decent battery pack to charge your gadgets on the go, i have a solar powered one and its good to charge 2 iPads and a camera all at once. If you’re going to use a backpack then check with the airline how big it can be before you need to check it in and wait at the damn carousel again. Speaking of backpacks, buy a decent brand with correct posture compensation, those 8 dollars Bali specials are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

Laptops are an unnecessary anchor and can be replaced with a tablet that weights far less, most have all the apps and features of a laptop anyway and take pictures as well, imagine walking around taking selfies with a laptop, you would look like an assclown (its all about the public image right) .

Take photocopies of everything, and then photocopy the photocopy (more is better) i also upload documents to the cloud for extra backup accessible worldwide wherever an internet connection can be established.

Bring duplicate credit cards, i use the NAB traveller card that’s linked to my internet banking and i can load any foreign currencies directly to the card. Taking some small amount of cash is also handy, maybe $2000.

Visas and Drivers licenses.

Up to date visa requirements are readily available on the internet, just make sure your passport has 6 months validity left on it when you return to Australia. If travelling to Canada or USA, we Aussies are able to stay up to 90 days under the visa waiver program, make sure you apply via the official links and not through an agency like i did last week, when i checked my credit card the agency added an extra $100 per person for their services. The visa waiver program allows us to enter USA  $14USD and Canada $7CAD  per person and is valid for two years, the process is simple and takes about 10 minutes and is approved almost immediately. You get email verification to print and take with you to show Immigration when you arrive, although your passport number is already registered, but i like to be double sure.

Here are the official links ? do it yourself, travel agencies charge extra $60 for this simple task.

USA: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/

Canada: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/eta.html?utm_source=slash-eta_ave&utm_medium=short-url-en&utm_campaign=eta

Most Asian countries we have been to including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore except Vietnam allow you to stay 30 days visa free, Vietnam single entry 30 day visa costs $70/person.

Drivers licenses are a grey area, in Thailand an international licence wasn’t accepted so i have a Thai car/motorcycle license to satisfy the almost daily license checks. In USA the last three times i have just used my Queensland license and had no problem. But last week i went to RACQ and paid the $36 and got an International drivers permit for our upcoming trip to North West USA just to be sure.


I own 2 Sony Mirrorless cameras, the A7ii and the smaller a6300. Both cameras have attached polarising and UV filters.

The a6300 specs and prices are HERE

The Lens I use for this camera is Sony SEL1018 Wide-angle zoom lens – 10 mm – 18 mm – F/4.0 –

The A7ii specs and prices are HERE

The Lens I use for this camera is Sony FE 24-70mm f/4 ZA OSS


We use Kathmandu Large volume backpacks like the Interloper gridTECH 70L buy it at Kathmandu Store on special for $360.00. The detachable 18L Gluon™ Summit Daypack is a handy accessory to carry for those short adventures, where you can leave the big pack in a secure area.

Big Arsed Backpack

Solar Travel USB Charger

Lets face it no one wants flat batteries or to search at the airports for the one in a million power outlet behind a potplant or softdrink machine. I always use the sun, its convenient and mobile, take it anywhere. Trusty reliable Ebay will sell you this HERE.

Solar Power Source Anywhere Anytime
Are you tired of packing plastic bags of batteries in your backpack? Sick of the heavy external battery which needs recharging in advance? Simply unfold a this solar panel and have peace of mind knowing your devices can be charged on the move from the 21 Watts of power from the direct sunlight.

Charge Smart, Charge Fast
Intelligent technology inside will automatically detect fastest possible charge power for your device and solar panel will offer up to 25% high efficiency to achieve high speed charging. An additional benefit is, you could charge two phones at the same time via dual USB port.

Big Blue Solar USB Charger Designed to be able to be Carried On your backpack whilst walking.

  • Built-in Ammeter and Chip: BigBlue 28W solar charger has a digital ammeter that shows the amount of Amps present and an internal chip that assure stable charge
  • Wide Compatibility: This solar panel attached a micro USB cable for almost all the Android devices and some of the DSLRs. You will need an extra cable for other devices. Ideal for outdoor camping, hiking or exploring
  • Safe Charge: Put your phone inside the pocket with zip closure, keep it safe and clean. Great for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, fishing etc
  • Special PET Polymer Surface: Protect your solar powered charger and your devices from occasional rain or wet fog; IPX4 waterproof level, but keep it away from water when you have some devices on charge
  • Package & Warranty: BigBlue package, Industrial-strength PET polymer fabric, 24-month warranty and friendly & straight customer service

Water Bottle

As dumb as it sounds most people carry around their bottle 24/7, so why not WEAR it on your belt, okay you might look like a Rambo wannabe but its handy to have hands free and still remain hydrated. $19.00 well spent i reckon, you can buy it on EBAY

Outback 1 QT Alice Water Bottle Woodland

  • High Impact plastic bottle
  • Canteen material made from food grade plastic
  • Capacity: 0.95 Litre
  • Screw on cap with security strap
  • Heavy duty case with teddy fleece lining inside
  • Secure press stud fastening
  • Water purifying tablet storage pocket at the front
  • Drain hole on the bottom
  • Complete with belt loop and ALICE  sliding metal belt keeper clips
  • Case material: 100% Polyester

Travel Belt/Money Belt

Yes a belt keeps your pants from falling down, but don’t you hate taking it off at airport metal detectors? Fear not the solution is here YOU’RE WELCOME, for only $11.00. Non metal built so it can be worn through airport security and it also has a handy money compartment, and you can get one HERE.

Hiking Poles

If you have a steep downhill, trekking poles can provide good anchor points to balance against as you hike down. … It’s also nice to get in a rhythm with hiking sticks. If your hands swell when hiking, using trekking poles will keep the hands closer to the level of the heart, improving blood return to your heart. I use fordable telescopic alloy ones that fit easily into my backpack and weigh very little. I used to think they were for old useless people or lazy teenagers, but i was wrong. I got mine HERE.

USB Camera Battery Charger

Being able to charge my Sony camera battery with a solar charger whilst walking is mandatory to always being prepared to capture every moment, as it takes a few hours to charge a battery in a camera and its also cumbersome to do on the go. The solution is one of THESE for $14.00 to always have a full battery to quickly swap out in less than a minute.

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