Welcome to my tightarse travel blog and i apologise for my Aussie sense of humour, but i offer real travel tips for saving a fortune and seeing the world.

NB All prices in this blog are in Australian Dollars for convenience.

For mobile phone and tablet users be sure to expand the menu, some people in the past thought this home page was my entire travel blog lol.

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Above is forest Gumps Map, Below is ours, plus Alaska and Hawaii, all 50 States travelled.

Ive been to some great places and also some absolute shitholes, however the experiences are embedded into my mind forever. From minus 26 degrees in war torn Moscow reliving the Siberian Gulag experience, to 52 degrees in Cape York Australia, sweating my arse off. From Roast Rat and Scorpions in Thailand, to 1 meter diameter Pizza in Taiwan, I’ve dribbled my way across the globe spending fuck all and still seeing 35 countries.. From $600/ Night Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore to paper thin tea houses  where the only warmth was a random fart in a well used sleeping bag, breathing out steam in bed while watching the walls shake from blizzards in Gorokshep Nepal 5140m above sea level.

So you like travelling ? What type of traveller are you?

First of all you need to decide which category traveller you fit into, there are basically three.

  1. The beached whale type, dwelling in 5 star luxury whilst never venturing more than 20 metres from the pool whilst sipping $15 martinis, and seeing Jack Shit of the country.
  2. The adventurous savvy type who likes hot running water and a proper bed every night, who manages to take 5000 pictures a week.
  3. The unwashed warrior who bathes once a week and hasn’t heard of a laundry, and usually sleeps in parks or overcrowded backpacker testosterone dungeons.

Tightarse Tools and APPS 

Create an excel spreadsheet with formulas to calculate expenses, activities and distances traveled.

For flights i use Skyscanner App, find the cheapest flight and then book with the airline direct, DO NOT USE THIRD PARTY RESELLERS. Leaving Australia on a Tuesday seems to be the cheapest departure day. Travel agencies cannot get you a cheaper price, even at the last travel expo i went to the flights were still more expensive than online.

For Hotels i use Booking.com no need to book hotels in advance because road trips are unpredictable so book digs 2 hours ahead on your route where you want to stop for the day.

Car Hire i use http://www.ibookacar.com they are a search engine that cover most major hire companies in one convenient place. Make sure your travel insurance covers any car accidents, we had a crash in San Fransisco and the car hire company sent a tow truck and replaced our vehicle free of charge with a brand new one.

A sound knowledge of the currency conversion. XE Currency app is useful for this.

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